How To Change Your Window's Weatherstripping

If you have an aging home, you're probably always looking for ways to make it more energy efficient. Over time, no matter how well a home was built, it is bound to lose some insulation, especially through the windows. Luckily, there are several ways to improve the efficiency and insulation of your movable windows. Perhaps the cheapest, quickest and easiest way to improve insulation on a movable window is to apply new weatherstripping around the frame. [Read More]

How To Refinish Wooden Plantation Shutters

The style and functionality of plantation shutters is hard to beat. They are stylish yet functional at the same time. But, if your shutters are wooden, you will need to maintain them over the years. Even with constant maintenance, wooden plantation shutters will eventually need to be refinished. This involves sanding off the old finish to expose the wood and applying a new coat of stain. This article explains how to best refinish plantation shutters. [Read More]

Increasing Your Home's Privacy With Window Coverings

If you live in a populated area and you wish to increase the privacy you have so neighbors and people passing by cannot peek inside your home, you have a few options available without getting new windows to do the task. Covering your existing panes can be done quite easily without permanently altering your windows as a result. Here are some methods you can use to get much-needed privacy. Add Tint To Your Window Panes [Read More]

5 Tips For Making Your Lifestyle More Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency is a popular buzzword these days. Part of that is to help conserve the earth's resources. However, making your home and lifestyle efficient also helps reduce utility costs. Make a few changes in your house and your living to promote energy efficiency. Alter your Housekeeping Patterns Certain activities, such as cooking and drying clothes, produce heat. Alter your housekeeping schedule depending on the season. For example, cook and run the dryer during the prime hours in winter so you don't have to run the heater as much. [Read More]