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Blinds And Indoor Pets: How To Make It Work

When you have indoor pets, you know what the struggle is regarding pets and blinds. Pets are known to pull blinds down or tear them and can be relatively hard on more flimsy blinds.

Still, blinds are a pretty addition to any home and make great window treatments. If you want to know how you can have blinds and indoor pets at the same time, read on.

Consider wooden blinds

Wooden blinds, or their cheaper faux counterparts, can make great blinds for the home when you have pets. The reason for this is twofold. First, blinds made of wood or faux wood-like vinyl are durable and more difficult than thinner, more flexible blinds to destroy or warp. Secondly, wood blinds are attractive and add not just privacy to windows but beauty as well. If you have pets that are hard on blinds, consider wooden blinds in a variety of colors and styles to meet your needs.

While not a wood but rather a reed, bamboo is also an excellent choice for blinds when you have indoor pets in the home. Lightweight, durable, and beautiful in its own light, bamboo can be a great decision for blinds in the home when you have indoor pets.

Consider blinds between the glass

Common in some homes with double-paned windows, blinds that go between the glass are blinds that you actually cannot physically touch. They are between the window glass panes and can be manipulated from the outside. These blinds are placed in glass doors and larger windows of the home as appealing window features and are fully functional.

Consider these types of blinds for the home if you have indoor pets that are extremely destructive or if you have kids as well as pets in the home. With blinds that cannot be physically touched or altered, you may never have to replace them at all, while making your home more modern and appealing at the same time.

Consider vertical blinds

Blinds that are vertical instead of horizontal may be easier to work with when you have indoor pets who want to look out because these blinds can be more flexible and have easier modes of movement than horizontal ones do. These blinds can be made of vinyl, plastic, or other materials and are easy to put back in place should one click out.

All blinds have to be replaced due to normal wear and tear and sun damage eventually. If you choose the best blinds to have in your home when you have pets, you can have an easier time helping yours last as long as possible.

Contact a local window treatment supplier to learn more about blinds.