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Five Health And Safety Benefits Of Home Window Tint

There are many reasons to consider home window tinting, but the safety and health of your family and home top the list. These are just five ways tinting can increase health and safety in the home.

1. UV Ray Prevention

One of the main safety and health reasons to have your home's windows tinted is to block out harmful UV rays. Even through window glass, UV rays can enter the home. If you or your family spends a lot of time sitting near the window, then the negative impacts of UV exposure can occur. These include everything from premature aging and skin spots to severe problems like skin cancer. UV-rated tints block the rays and keep your family safe.

2. Increased Material Longevity

Blocking out the sun's harmful rays doesn't just decrease UV damage to the people in your home, but also to the furniture and carpeting. Sun exposure fades fabrics, dries out wood, and weakens fibers. Tinting blocks out the damaging sunlight so that this damage doesn't occur. Since fibers break down more slowly, there will also be less dust in the air, which can be beneficial for your HVAC system and your health.

3. Privacy and Security

Your family's privacy is important. A one-way tint can protect their privacy by preventing any type of surveillance by prying eyes or nosy neighbors. Further, it increases the security of your home since potential intruders can't easily determine if there are any items of value inside that would make the risk of breaking in worthwhile. This can discourage potential burglaries, thus increasing the safety of your family.

4. Glass Safety

Broken glass isn't just a nuisance, it can also cause injury. There is the risk of initial injury if anyone is near a window when it shatters, as well as the potential of future injury if any glass shards are missed during cleanup. A tinted window film can prevent glass from shattering in the event it is hit with an errant ball or another projectile. The film holds the glass together, so it comes out in a sheet instead of sharp shards. This increases safety while also making cleanup easier.

5. Vision Protection

Trying to see while contending with glare can lead to long-term vision damage. If the sunlight is putting a glare on TV screens, computers, or workstations within your home, the resulting eye strain creates the potential for eventual vision loss. Window tinting reduces the glare from sunlight and protects your eye health.

Contact a home window tinting service for more help if you are ready to tint your home's windows.