The Perks Of Vinyl Windows

If you are looking for an effective way to increase the value of your property before putting it on the market, there are fewer remodels that are more practical than window replacement. Replacing the windows in your home is a smart investment because it basically gives you an interior and exterior remodel at the same time. This makes the project more cost effective. Of course, it also depends on what type of windows you choose because some windows are cheaper, easier to maintain and therefore even more cost effective. [Read More]

Cracked Windshield? Try This DIY Fix

If you drive on the highway or in busy traffic, a rock or piece of debris from the road could fly up and cause a crack in your windshield. Even if this crack looks tiny to the naked eye, over time it can get a lot worse as the glass contracts and expands. Cracked windshields can impair your vision, causing a serious hazard when you get behind the wheel. If you've encountered a crack in your car's windshield, try this simple fix first before calling in a professional. [Read More]

Installing New Windows? Don't Forget To Protect Your Investment And Make Them Look Good

If you are looking to enhance the overall appearance of your home, opting for brand new windows may be a good choice. However, once your windows have been installed, you want to make sure that your new investment is properly protected and that they look good. So, here are a few ways that you can protect your investment, save some energy and dress the windows up a bit: Insulate and Add a Coat of Colorful Paint [Read More]

Why Tinting The Windows At Your Business Is A Good Idea

Storefronts and businesses with large windows may spend a great deal of time and money on cleaning and maintaining them. However, if you have not considered having the windows at your business tinted, you might think seriously about doing so. Check out these benefits of tinting the windows in your business. Saving Money For Air Conditioning If you have ever stood in front of a clear, glass window on a bright sunny day, you probably felt the heat coming through it from sunlight beating on it. [Read More]