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Why You Should Consider Storm Windows

Investing in new windows is a very major decision, so you want to consider all of the options. If you are going to make such a sizable investment, you should consider installing a window that will help reduce your utility bills. If you were going to stay in your home for many years, this might help eventually recuperate the cost of the installation. Storm fixtures are the most energy efficient, durable, and money-saving. This article explains the features and perks of storm windows.

They Have Multiple Panes

Storm windows are reinforced in every way. One of the most significant features of storm windows is the fact that they have multiple glass panes. With multiple panes you have much greater solar and thermal insulation. Storm windows are often made with three or four glass panes. Furthermore, the space in between each pane is filled with argon gas. This helps to significantly reduce heat transfer from the inside to the outside of the window (and vise versa). If you have storm windows with four panes, you will hardly feel the effects on a bright sunny day as you walk by the window. Likewise, on a cold winter day, you won't feel a cold gust of air as you walk by a window fixture. 

They Have Thicker, More Insulated Sashes

This great insulation is not only due to the window panes, it also has much to do with insulation inside the actual window sashes. Storm windows are made out of all different types of materials, but fiberglass and vinyl are the most common. This is partly the case because both of these materials do not transfer heat as quickly as aluminum. But, they are also hollow, which means that they can be packed with the most efficient insulation. Not to mention, the sidewalls of the sashes are also usually thicker.

They Have More Durable Construction

Homeowners also appreciate the fact that storm windows are also more durable. The construction that makes them so energy efficient also makes them stronger and less likely to get damaged. This is a huge advantage if you are in a household with children. Since the vinyl (for instance) is denser, the sash is less likely to get scratched.

It is easy to see why storm windows, no matter where you live, might be beneficial. They are an especially shrewd investment if you plan on staying at your property for many years.

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