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Automotive Paint Protection Film 101: FAQs From Prospective Customers

When you purchase a new vehicle, the paint on that vehicle is impeccable. However, with everyday driving and wear and tear, the painted finish can quickly deteriorate, which lowers the overall value of your automobile. As resilient as automotive paint may be, the paint is not indestructible. Therefore, many modern consumers who purchase a new car will choose to have products like XPEL paint protection film added to their vehicle.

Paint protection film can be an exceptionally good investment to protect the outward appearance of your ride, but what is it, how is it installed, and does it last? Take a look at a few of the most common questions customers have about paint protection film. 

What is paint protection film for vehicles?

Automotive paint protection film is a thin, practically invisible material made of plastic that is installed over painted vehicle surfaces. The thin layer of urethane-based plastic protects the paint from scuffs, scratches, stains, and dings, but may also offer UV protection to thwart issues with sun fade. 

How is paint protection film installed?

The paint protection film is installed similarly to the same method of window tint installation. You peel away the protective backing from the film, spray a special solution onto the adhesive backing of the film, and then smooth the film into place using your hands. Once you are finished, you simply trim away any excess film. The best manufacturers offer customized pieces that are trimmed to precisely fit specific vehicle models, so there is no trimming involved. 

How long will the installed film offer protection?

The urethane materials used to create paint protection film are exceptionally durable. The plasticized material is considered self-healing, which means with minimal abrasion to the material, the plastic polymers will seamlessly merge back together. The true life span of the film however will rely on several factors, such as your usual driving environment, exposure to the elements, and more. 

Can you add paint protection film to only certain parts of the autobody? 

You can choose to have only at-risk areas of the vehicle's body coated with automotive protection film. For example, with XPEL automotive paint protection film, you can purchase custom-cut kits that are designed to protect certain areas of a vehicle. For instance, if you have an off-road pickup truck, you can get a kit that is installed around the lower fender panels, around the tires, and across the front of the hood.