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High-Impact Window Products

High-impact glass is featured through many window suppliers. These types of windows protect against hurricanes, theft, and moisture. Learn about the properties of high-impact windows below. Then, contact a supplier to place an order for window products. 

The Composition

 A high-impact window is energy-efficient and cost-effective. This type of window will muffle outside noises. Upgrading standard windows to high-impact ones will increase the value of a residence.

The composition of a high-impact window is dependent upon the manufacturer of the glass. A high-impact glass pane typically consists of two layers of glass. A polymer layer is located between the two layers of glass. The polymer will prevent both panes of glass from shattering when excessive force is applied to them.

A high-impact window also contains a laminating material. This material may be secured to one pane or both panes. A superior high-impact window product will contain a laminated layer on both sides of a window.

A Product That Doesn't Shatter

When high-impact windows are manufactured, they are tested for strength. Tests determine how much force can be applied to a window. If excessive force is applied to a high-impact product, it may become damaged.

The glass panes that comprise this type of window, however, will not shatter. Instead, cracks will form on the surface of the glass. The glass will remain intact within the frame. Due to the design of a high-impact window, safety issues will not be a concern. An end user won't be prone to getting cut on jagged pieces of glass.

Your High-Impact Window Order

High-impact glass panes are installed in vinyl frames, wood frames, architectural frames, and a variety of additional frame products. Single panels of glass and multiple panels of glass can be secured within a frame.

Assess the windows that are currently in your home. Determine if you would like the new windows to feature the same design elements. If not, consider what types of features you would like your new high-impact windows to possess. A window supplier may feature a showroom or an online photo gallery that will allow you to view all of the high-impact products that you can choose from.

Your new windows can contain custom frames. The frames can be the color of your home's siding or another complementary hue that will improve the aesthetics of your house.

Contact a high-impact window supplier in your area to learn more and get started.