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Why Blinds Make More Sense Than Drapes For Family Homes

When it comes to window coverings, there are two main options that most people will decide between—blinds and drapes. While both have their own benefits and negatives, they are genuinely two solid options that it can be hard to decide between. The best way to choose the right type of window covering is to tailor them to your personal home life, and for those who have families with younger children, it is almost always better to go with blinds. Here are a few reasons why blinds are the better choice for busy families with lots of little kids.

Harder For Kids To Vandalize

Whether on purpose or accidentally, children love being messy and drapes are a perfect candidate for their destructive behavior. Drapes are much more delicate than blinds and much easier to accidentally ruin with just a few seconds and a couple of marker pens. It is hard to be mad at children for just being kids, which is why it is important that you family-proof the home as much as possible. Blinds are much more difficult to write or draw on, whereas drapes, being one solid object, are much easier to scribble over, it is as simple as that. 

Not Fully Blacked Out

While you certainly can get blinds that do offer blackout darkness where it resembles night inside, most blinds offer a more muted diffusion of sunlight. While this may seem like a negative at first, the truth is that this is beneficial because it allows children to rest or sleep, while also allowing you to move about the room without having to turn an overhead light on. This is particularly useful in baby rooms, but it works for any child that is still at an age where they nap during the day and you might need to access their room. 

Easier To Use

Every parent has been in a situation where they only have one arm free (due to holding the baby or a million other things that they have to grab hold of while keeping the kids entertained) and need to close the window covering. With drapes, it is a much more annoying process with only one hand, because the drapes never seem to slide easily when you don't have even pressure, and then when you think you have it done right, they will slide back a little, and sunlight will pour in. Blinds, on the other hand, only need one hand to pull the operational mechanism (be it a string or stick), and they will give you full control every time. 

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