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3 Things To Know About Roll Down Hurricane Shutters

The violent winds that come with hurricanes can significantly damage your home. While there's no way to prevent a hurricane from making landfall, you can take steps to protect your home. Installing roll-down hurricane shutters is one way to avoid damage to your home's interior. Wind-blown debris can easily break windows that aren't protected, allowing water into your home. Roll-down hurricane window shutters prevent this debris from breaking your windows. Here's what to know about if you are looking into roll-down hurricane shutters.

They Are Easy To Operate

Whether you are evacuating or staying put as a tropical system approaches, you'll want to get your home ready quickly for the incoming weather. Roll-down hurricane shutters are known for being easy to operate. When not in use, roll-down shutters are rolled up and stored in a box attached to your home. However, when you need them, you roll them down and secure them. There are roll-down hurricane shutters that work manually or mechanically. Mechanical roll-down shutters can be rolled down with just a press of a button. 

They Are Easy To Store

Another thing to know about roll-down hurricane shutters is that they are easy to store. Roll-down hurricane shutters are permanently installed on your own. When not in use, you don't have to worry about storing roll-down shutters; you roll them up. Roll-down hurricane shutters can also be installed on more than just windows. These shutters can protect doors and other areas that need to be reinforced. The convenience that roll-down hurricane shutters offer makes them an excellent fit for many homes.

How Much They Cost

Before committing to roll-down hurricane shutters, you will want to consider the price. What you pay for these shutters depends on how many windows or doors you want to add them to and the size of shutters you need. Whether the shutters are manually or mechanically operated will also significantly impact your bottom line. Mechanically operated roll-down shutters will cost more than manually operated options. On average, you can expect to pay between $25 and $60 per square foot to install roll-down hurricane shutters. 

There are a few things to know about roll-down hurricane shutters. First, roll-down shutters are known for being easy to operate. Second, they are affixed to your home and are easy to store by rolling them up into their box. Finally, the cost varies depending on their style and how many windows you want to install them on.  

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