identifying window problems and need for replacement

Upgrading The Windows In Your Home

Strong storms moving through your area can be a major source of damage to your home's windows. Unfortunately, broken windows can expose the interior of the home to a greater risk of suffering damage due to rain and debris entering through the broken window. To protect your property against this hazard, there are some steps that can greatly improve the resilience of the windows against this damage. 

Upgrade Your Home With Storm Windows

Storm windows are specifically designed to handle the types of impacts that can occur during strong storms. While these windows will not be impervious to breaking, they can withstand many of the less severe impacts that can occur due to debris, hail, and strong winds. Individuals may think that they will only need to install this type of window in the event that they live in an area that experiences tropical or other severe storms on a regular basis. Yet, it is still possible for relatively mild storms to cause window damage due to the winds and hail that they can create.

Choose Suitable Shutters For The New Windows

The shutters that are installed with your windows can be an important factor to consider when you are deciding on an option for your house. In addition to choosing shutters for the new windows that are aesthetically complementary to the home, the shutters can also serve as a valuable protective barrier for the glass during storms. By closing the shutters, it is possible to block much of the debris that would have otherwise hit the glass. Storm and hurricane shutters can be ideal for this as they can come in a range of attractive designs that will still be strong enough to shield the glass from the types of impacts that could cause serious damage to the window glass or even the frame.

Apply A Protective Film To The Interior Of The Glass

While the use of storm windows and shutters can greatly reduce the chances of a window breaking, it can still be possible for some types of debris or particularly violent storms to still cause damage. To prevent broken glass from being spread throughout the interior of the home, a person may want to apply a safety film to the interior side of the glass. These films can hold the glass together when the window breaks, which can drastically reduce the number of glass shards that could be spread throughout the interior of the house.

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