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Why Fiberglass Is A Good Material For An Entry Door

Fiberglass is an excellent material for making entry doors because of its durability and beauty. Plus, you have a wide variety of styles, so you can find the perfect door for any type of home. Here are some benefits of a fiberglass door.

The Doors Are Energy Efficient Even With Glass

An advantage of a fiberglass door is that it resists heat transfer better than wood or metal doors. This is because the core of the door provides better insulation. If your home is oriented so the sun beats down on your entry door all day, then getting a fiberglass door installed might save money on your energy bills.

However, sun exposure might wear the door down quicker, so you may want to coat it to provide UV protection. You may want a door that has windows in it or beside it. These windows can be made from glass which also reduces heat transfer, so the glass lets in natural light but keeps out the heat.

Fiberglass Is A Durable Material

Fiberglass is durable when compared to wood. Wood can be damaged by insects and rot. Even scratching by your dog wanting inside or outside can cause damage to a wood door over time. Fiberglass doesn't rot, and it can even withstand pet damage. You might need to clean up scuff marks, but the door won't shred like a wood door might as time passes.

Fiberglass Is Easy To Clean

A fiberglass door is easy to clean, especially if you keep up with cleaning and don't allow dirt and pollution to stay on the door for months. Set a schedule for cleaning your entryway that includes wiping down the door. If you do this regularly, you may be able to keep the door clean by simply washing it down with a damp cloth.

If stains have a chance to build up, you may need to use a cleaner such as gentle dish soap and a soft-bristled scrub brush to get the door clean again. Be sure to rinse away all of the soap so no residue is left behind.

Fiberglass Doors Enhance The Beauty Of Your Home

Another important benefit of fiberglass doors is their beauty. Fiberglass doors are made with colors and textures that make them look like solid wood. Solid wood doors give your home an elegant and classic look, but the doors are difficult to maintain. When you choose fiberglass instead, you get curb-appeal enhancing beauty in a door that requires very little maintenance over the years. 

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