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Motorized Blinds: Not Just A Fun Accessory

When you first see motorized shades, your first thought might be that they are a fun option. Maybe you think they're cute and a bit of a luxury item — and they certainly are. But motorized shades are not just a cool new fad. They actually have quite a few advantages that may make them a real asset to your home.

The shades won't get dirty from you touching them.

If you look at shades that have been in a house for five years or more, chances are you'll see a lot of grime and staining on the edge of the blinds where people have grabbed it to pull it down. Even when your hands are clean, they contain oils, and after years, those oils accumulate on the surface of the shades and lead to staining that's tough to remove. This is not an issue with motorized shades since you don't touch them to open or close them.

You can put the shades on windows you can't reach well.

Do you have a pesky window that is located halfway behind a desk, over a tall counter, or in some other awkward and hard-to-reach location? Chances are, you either leave the shade on that window open all of the time, or shut all of the time. With a motorized shade, you don't have to reach the shade to open or close it, so you can actually use and take advantage of it on those hard-to-reach windows.

Motorized shades work well for people with arthritis.

If you have arthritis, you may not have the dexterity to pull down the shades. The same goes for any older family member who may suffer from arthritis or another condition that leaves their hands stiff. This should not mean they can't have privacy. Motorized shades roll up and down with the push of a button, so they can have more control over their environment without dealing with pain in their hands.

Some motorized shades even coordinate with your smartphone.

These days, there are even motorized shades that coordinate with your smartphone or smart home system. You can open or close the shades from work or when you're out running errands. This allows you to let some light into the home during the day for pets or plants but then close the shades for privacy later on. 

Motorized shades are cool and fun, but they're actually much more than that.