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4 Advantages Of Installing Slider Windows In Your Home

When it comes to putting in new windows in your home, you have a lot of choices of window types and styles to choose from. Slider windows are windows that you can open by sliding the window in a horizontal fashion when you open the window. Slider windows open side-to-side, instead of up and down like double-hung or single-hung windows.

#1 Really Easy to Use 

One of the biggest advantages of slider windows is that they are really easy to use. Slider windows are not really heavy, which means that one doesn't need a lot of strength or dexterity to open and close a slider window. If you don't have a lot of upper body strength, slider windows are a great choice. Or if you have dexterity issues, slider windows are a good option as well.

With slider windows, you just have to release the latch in order to free the window and then slide it open. They are one of the easiest types of windows to operate.

#2 Require Little Maintenance

In addition to being really easy to use, slider windows are also really easy to take care of.  Slider windows do not really have any complex parts. There is just one window pane that stays in place, one window pane that moves, a frame, and a window latch or lock. There are not any pulley systems or complex parts to take care of.

All you need to do to take care of a slider window is wash the window and wipe down the frame from time to time.

#3 Strong and Durable

Slider windows are not complicated and don't have complicated parts, such as pulley systems and springs. Not only does that make them easy to take care of, but this lack of complex parts also increases the strength and durability of sliding windows, as there are not complex parts that could potentially break and wear down.

The windows themselves usually have a glaze on them. This helps protect the window frame damage and scratches over time.

You can choose what type of window frame you want your slider window to have. Vinyl frames are really strong and durable, as well as energy efficient, and are one of the most common types of frames used for sliding windows.

#4 Energy Efficient

Finally, slider windows are really energy efficient. They are covered with a strong frame that keeps air from seeping around the window. The window panes themselves are covered with a glaze that improves the strength of the window and also provides additional insulation and thus energy efficiency as well.

Slider windows are easy to open, don't require much maintenance, are strong and durable, and are also energy efficient.