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2 Major Reasons to Use Vinyl as a Window Material

Most homeowners who install new window do it because they want windows that have better insulation, improved functionality, and an updated style. That is, they want something that is going to make their home more stylish and functional.

The look of wood is probably the most desirable when it comes to residential windows. However, wood is not the smartest material to have on the outside of your home, where it is exposed to sun and rain. Wooden windows can get warped when the moisture content of the air fluctuates.

If you are homeowner who wants to create the look of wooden windows, but you don't want to invest in any maintenance, you do have a few alternatives. This article explains why vinyl is a great alternative to wood when it comes to residential windows.

You Save on Maintenance

You could conceivably spend hundreds of dollars maintaining wooden windows over their lifespan. The cost of supplies and stain, along with the time you might spend doing the work (if you do it yourself) can add up. It can take several days to refinish a window sash. Also, wood cannot be easily cleaned with liquid. If you want something that is going to last for decades, it is possible to maintain wooden windows, but it can be very time consuming.

Vinyl doesn't take any money or time to keep up. In fact, most people will hardly ever even waste any time or money cleaning their vinyl windows. Vinyl is essentially waterproof the way it is, and it does not need to be refinished at all. This can account for significant savings over the years.

Vinyl Looks Like Wood

Vinyl is also a suitable substitute for wood because of the way that looks and feels. Vinyl has a similar consistency, weight, flexibility, and texture to wood. That is, vinyl windows are made with very hearty, wood-like textures. Most products even have wood grain finishes to make them look very much like stained wood. Which is great if you want the raw look of wood.

Of course, the look of vinyl can be realistic, but it definitely isn't a perfect match for real wood. Nonetheless, most people are willing to deal with this because of how much cheaper and easier it is to care for vinyl. It is largely a matter of choosing a product that is going to be easier to own, even if it is a replicated finish.

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