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More Than Efficiency: Care of Wood Windows to Prevent Structure Damage

Almost all the information you find about windows talks about energy efficiency and improvements that can be done. In addition to energy efficiency, windows also protect your home from the elements, and they need to be taken care of. Lack of maintenance will cause problems like rot, leaks, and even mold growth. These problems will also cause structural damage if not addressed. Here is some of the care that your wooden window frames need to continue protecting your home from damage.

Window Seals and Drip Edges That Allow Water to Drain Away from Your Home

The window seal is the ledge of the windows, and it needs to be slightly inclined to allow water and condensation to flow off. Above the window, there should also be a drip edge, which is a small piece of flashing that is bent to shed water away from the window and cracks where it can easily get in. If you have a problem with water getting in around the windows, look and make sure that drip edges are installed. You may want to use wider drip edges in areas where there is little or no overhang of the eaves above the window. 

Regular Caulking and Sealing Around the Window Frame to Keep Water Out

One of the most important things to do to protect your windows from wear is to caulk around the edges. You want to make sure that there is no place where water can get in. Caulking will eventually dry out and crack; when it does, cut it away with a knife and add new caulking around the window. In addition, check weather stripping for damage and signs of where to replace it when needed.

Painting and Glazing to Protect Wood from Weather and Moisture

Wood windows are especially susceptible to wear and rot as paint and glazing around the glass becomes worn. Like with other areas of your home, you will want to give windows a new coat of paint every few years. This is also a good time to do the glazing and caulking that is needed for your windows, and it can be painted over to match the window color.

Windows need care to ensure that they protect your home from the elements and are energy efficient. This is important for all materials, but it is especially important for wood windows. If you need help with window repairs or improvements, contact a window contractor like JFK Window & Door Co to help with some of these tasks.