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How To Refinish Wooden Plantation Shutters

The style and functionality of plantation shutters is hard to beat. They are stylish yet functional at the same time. But, if your shutters are wooden, you will need to maintain them over the years. Even with constant maintenance, wooden plantation shutters will eventually need to be refinished. This involves sanding off the old finish to expose the wood and applying a new coat of stain. This article explains how to best refinish plantation shutters. It is simple project, but it takes a little time to work in between the individual shutters.

Sanding the Shutters

The hardest part of the job is definitely sanding between each individual shutter. To do this you need to find the right sanding tool for your shutters. Usually, sanding sponges work the best but you want it to fit comfortably between each shutter. Measure the space before you go shopping for your sanding tool. Regardless, you will probably want a sponge sander because the shutter blades are not perfectly flat. The sponge will make it easier to sand the entire surface of a curved blade. Since shutters are constructed out of fine hardwoods, you want to use a sander with extra fine grit. Sand until all the paint or stain is removed and the wood is exposed.

Painting the Shutters

To speed up the rest of the process, you will definitely want to use a paint gun. Whether you use a compressor style gun or a professional electrical gun, it makes it much easier to get complete coverage on the individual shutters. Spraying the shutters is much easier if you dismount them from the window frame and paint them in another area. Set up a well masked-off area where overspray will not damage anything. For instance, you could do this in your garage or in your backyard if it is not too windy. Most likely, you will have to apply multiple coats of paint. Between each coat you need to wait for the paint to dry and then rub it down with steel wool. Just a quick pass with the steel wool well rub away any paint particles that are sticking up and causing the surface to feel rough.

In the end, once all the new paint is dry and you do a final cleanup with the steel wool, you can rehang your shutters. This simple process will not only restore the look of your plantation shutters, it will also protect the wood and prevent any further water damage. For more information, contact companies like AAA Blind & Shutter Factory.