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Increasing Your Home's Privacy With Window Coverings

If you live in a populated area and you wish to increase the privacy you have so neighbors and people passing by cannot peek inside your home, you have a few options available without getting new windows to do the task. Covering your existing panes can be done quite easily without permanently altering your windows as a result. Here are some methods you can use to get much-needed privacy.

Add Tint To Your Window Panes

Your home's windows can be tinted in the same manner as you would have a vehicle's windows covered. Window tint comes in a variety of shades, making it more difficult for those on the outside to peer into your home. Simply cut the window tint to fit the size of the pane and adhere it to the interior glass using water and a squeegee. If you are worried about placing it incorrectly, a professional window tinting service can do the job with ease. The result is windows that are darker when looking at the exterior side of the glass. From inside your home, the window tinting is not as visible so you can enjoy the sunlight without allowing harmful ultraviolet rays into the home.

Apply A Patterned Film To Obscure The View

Consider adding a window film to your panes to give the glass a decorative pattern. Film can be placed over each pane and removed whenever you wish to change out the appearance with another pattern. Glazed, frosted, or opaque contact paper can be peeled from their backing and stuck directly onto the glass from the interior side. These options are a fast way to gain privacy while giving the windows a festive look to all who gaze upon them.

Spray Windows With Frosted Elegance

Adding a window frost can be done with the use of a window covering spray. This material is applied directly to the panes, covering the glass completely with a white, frothy appearance. This is often used around the holidays to give the home a snowy look. Frosting sprays can be removed with a mild detergent and water and reapplied when desired.

Purchase Window Treatments For Fast Action

If you do not want anyone looking inside your house, you always have the option in purchasing window treatments such as blinds, draperies, or curtains. These can be matched to your home's interior to dress up a bland room with added color. When you want some privacy, simply shut the covering to block the interior from others. The downside to this method is that you will not have any light coming into the room, making other options more desirable.