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Vinyl Windows Are Stylish And Energy Efficient

When it comes to installing new windows in your home, you should closely consider the energy efficiency of your new product. You can save a lot of money on your utility bills by choosing an efficient product. There are many different styles and grades of windows. Vinyl is one of the most energy efficient materials for the construction of window sashes. This article explains why vinyl is not only a very energy-efficient, but also a very practical and stylish option.

Vinyl is Energy Efficient

One thing that makes vinyl energy efficient is the fact that it does not transfer heat as quickly as materials like aluminum or fiberglass. This increased thermal insulation is especially helpful during the winter. However, vinyl also has great solar installation. Of course, the level of insulation will vary from window to window. Some vinyl products are built extra durable, with extra insulation so they can be rated as storm windows. However, you can also find more affordable vinyl windows with less insulation. The key is to buy a window that is rated for your particular climate. If you are buying your windows from a local window store, they will already stock the most common insulation, or R-values, for your climate. You can refer to the Energy Star's R-Value map when searching for the right R-value for your home.

Vinyl is Stylish Too

But vinyl is much more than just an extremely efficient option, it is also very nice looking. It is a product that is made in just about any imaginable color. However, there are also many different textures and finishes to consider. That is, you don't just have to choose a solid color. Vinyl windows with subtle prints can add a little class and distinction to your home. You might think of vinyl as a white, shiny product that just looks like plastic. In fact, it looks much classier and more unique than this.

On top of all of this, vinyl is also very practical. It is very easy to own because cleaning and maintenance are minimal. Since vinyl is waterproof, you can clean it with most liquid-based cleaners. It is not subject to warping or swelling when it gets wet. This means rain and moisture that hits the sash will not effect the normal operation and insulation of the windows. It is easy to see why vinyl is such a great material for homeowners. 

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